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How Coding Prepares children For Success

4th October, 2023

Supporting your kids to learn to code is an investment in their futures. As technology continues to permeate every aspect of our lives, digital literacy will increasingly become a necessary skill to navigate daily life. In this article, we explore three ways that learning to code will help prepare your child for a successful future.

1. Learning to code early gives kids a headstart in high school

As we have talked about previously, learning to code is like learning a language – it’s best to start early. Learning to code at an early age makes it easier to tackle more complex, unfamiliar material in high school or higher education. In high school or university, often one of the biggest obstacles to becoming proficient is confidence. Numerous studies have shown that early exposure boosts technological confidence in kids, which will help them to succeed in the future. With increasing demand for mandatory technology lessons in the classrooms, kids who have strong foundations in computer literacy will be well equipped to excel in their classes.

2. Coding skills are in high demand

According to modelling by Oxford Economics, Australia will need an expected 58% more persons skilled at programming to meet the job demands of 2028. Programming jobs are not just confined to highly technical, computer science careers. User Interface and User Experience designers for example, design the front-facing technology, such as websites or apps, to optimse customer experience. Data analysts may use programming languages like python to analyse data and then draw insights. Finance professionals may work on code that makes investment decisions. As you can probably tell, coding skills apply to a wide range of professions, and they will remain in high demand.

3. Coding skills are transferable to other domains

Learning to code teaches more than just code – it teaches logical thinking, creativity (yes – it’s a skill), problem solving, design, and much more. All are useful skills for any domain of interest. For example, imagine your child wants to start a business, with an understanding of coding they can quickly navigate a range of online tools and integrations to get their business online. Or for kids who love animated movies, learning to code can help children learn how to make animations. The list goes on!

At Junior Engineers we’re focused on preparing the future generation of coders. Our award-winning programs are designed to keep children of all ages and abilities engaged. If you’re unsure how to involve your child in coding courses, contact us here.


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