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School Holiday Programs: Stop Motion Animation for Kids

7th December, 2023

School holidays are the perfect time for kids to explore new hobbies and activities!

Hobbies and activities not only keep kids engaged, but also contribute to their overall development and help them get ahead in their digital technologies capabilities. One such creative endeavour that is gaining in popularity, and features heavily in many schools’ Digital Technologies curriculum is Stop Motion animation. This fascinating art form is a perfect platform for kids to stretch their creative muscles, combining the art of creativity and storytelling with technical skills that they’ll be able to use well into their future.  Junior Engineers delivers different themed Stop Motion Animation programs for kids each school holidays across Australia. Our December and January programs are SuperHero themed – check them out here.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the benefits of learning Stop Motion animation for kids, and explore how it can positively impact their learning, creativity and understanding of digital technologies. 

A hands-on learning experience

One of the key benefits of learning Stop Motion animation for kids, is the hands-on creative process this kind of program entails. From crafting characters and scenes to setting up a mini desktop filming-studio, children engage in tactical learning experience that takes real-world learning to the next level. We know that when kids are able to immerse themselves completely in a program, it stimulates their cognitive abilities, enhances problem-solving skills and embeds concepts more fully in their brains. 

Enhancing their innate creativity

Stop Motion animation encourages kids to think outside the box. Planning and creating storylines, designing characters, and setting up scenes demands high levels of creativity and learning through play. This imaginative process helps children develop their storytelling skills and helps them express their thoughts and ideas in a visually captivating way. Junior Engineers helps our Stop Motion students hone their Creative thinking core skills, which can really boost their innate creativity and harness this during their early years schooling. Not only that, creative thinking is a key transferrable skill for both personal and professional future lives. 

Improving their patience and perseverance

Stop Motion animation teaches kids to channel their patience and perseverance in a fun, engaging setting. The process of meticulously moving characters frame by frame to bring their story to life can be time-consuming and challenging. Stop Motion animation helps kids channel their persistence by providing a rewarding payoff! Our Junior Engineers Stop Motion programs send participants home with their videos ready to show off to appreciative family audiences at the end of their 2-day School Holiday programs.  

A soft introduction to digital technologies

Stop Motion animation introduces kids to the world of digital technologies in a fun and interactive manner. By learning to use cameras and video editing software, kids learn a foundational understanding of multimedia creation and digital tools which are used everyday in today’s technology-driven world. 

A communication booster!

Animating a story requires effective communication and collaboration. When participating in a Junior Engineers School Holiday Stop Motion program, kids learn to articulate their ideas, give and receive feedback, and make decisions about their animations based on the feedback and lessons learned during the class. Practicing their communication skills in a supportive, and encouraging environment can provide kids a real communication booster when they return to the classroom.

Introducing kids to Stop Motion animation as part of a school holiday vacation care program is a great investment in their overall development - click here to check out our brand new Stop Motion Superhero Mode course. The Junior Engineers Stop Motion programs are an excellent educational alternative to traditional vacation care arrangement. Our programs provide two full days of engaging, hands on creativity, and also fosters creativity and many more skills that are increasingly vital in our digital age.  Check out our current programs here! We’d love to see you in class.


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