Learn Creative Thinking with Stop Motion

Fire up your child’s imagination and bring the world of movie creation to life using a tablet and tabletop movie set! 

Stop Motion brings kids’ natural creativity and imagination to life, empowering ideas and creativity through the art of animated storytelling.

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What will your child learn?

Using Stop Motion animation, your child’s imagination will completely run wild!  In the class, your child will learn how to write and produce an animated story using clay or a favourite toy brought from home.  Legos work particularly well for stop motion because they are so easy to manipulate. 

Students express their individual creativity, imagine new worlds and dream up characters that come to life before their very eyes.   Junior Engineers Stop Motion programs teaches students: 

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Creative thinking and storytelling
A video storyboard displayed on an easel
Storyboarding and planned sequencing
A video camera filming stop motion animation
Filming and editing voice and SFX

Why learn Stop Motion?

Stop Motion animation is a wonderful creative, and engaging activity that combines art, technology and storytelling. This is a fun and engaging learning experience, which harnesses and develops many skills that children will use throughout their lives. Creating smooth and visually appealing stop motion animations requires attention to detail, time management and patience! 

Charactisation requires the manipulation of fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination; while the storyboarding and planning element teaches essential skills in sequencing, framing and logical thinking, moving their characters around physical objects and taking pictures to create movement. Best of all, this program harnesses children’s natural storytelling and creativity abilities, and provide them a showcase moment at the end of the class as they unveil their creation. 

Stop motion characters used in program lego colourful
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What Stop Motion classes are available?

Junior Engineers has developed engaging, creative Stop Motion animation workshops that run over school holiday sessions. Designed as an introduction to the world of Animation, the class teaches useful concepts and techniques that can be further explored after the class. Using the Stop Motion Pro app on their own device, this class will create a short, edited movie from a series of still photographs taken using a table top scene. 

Instructors teach students to plan their projects using brainstorming and storyboarding techniques. Tips on characterisation and scene switching help channel ideas and finalise the story. With the plan formulated, the creative part begins! Characters and scenes are carefully constructed, with photography and editing to follow. 


  • Available In-Person

Our growing Stop Motion curriculum 

Junior Engineers offers a series of Stop Motion courses with new and exciting activities to keep kids engaged and creating year-round. 

Check our courses out below:

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