Learn Coding and Robotics with Arduino

Ardunio programming is a great opportunity to combine the worlds of coding, robotics and electronics skills in age-appropriate learning for kids.  Students learn how to program various activities including gaming devices, robotic arms, autonomous vehicles and more!

Junior Engineers’ Arduino programs are designed as the next step for kids who have done some coding and robotics courses before, and are at an intermediate level.  


Arduino circuit board

Why learn with Arduino?

Arduino is a mini-computer which we code with a set of instructions using Arduino programming language (simplified C++) in an Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It's designed to be a simple and accessible user experience that ranges from simple beginner projects through to far more complex tasks.  

It’s an excellent platform for hands-on learning and experimentation in the world of technology, while bringing together core concepts of circuitry/electronics and robotics programming to life.

In the commercial world, it’s commonly used as a prototyping tool due to its flexible and fast nature, enabling testing of complex animatronics without heavy overheads. Junior Engineers Arduino curriculum teaches kids to connect the Arduino's inputs and outputs via circuit boards to various devices and code the mini-computer to perform various functions. 

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Learn core Robotics skills
Lightbulb icon showing critical thinking and problem solving skills
Harness critical thinking and problem solving skills
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Combine Robotics, Electronics and Coding capabilities

What will your child learn?

Arduino combines a few key robotics concepts into a single exciting learning program. Students will learn a variety of topics including:

✔️ Learning a simplified C++ coding language
✔️ Creating code for a micro-controller using the IDE environment
✔️ Electronics fundamentals of circuitry using a breadboard and wiring to direct the flow of current through a circuit

These topics are combined into a particular digital project, depending on the scheduled theme of the Arduino course.

Program a smart watch using Arduino
Arduino logo and product circuit board

What Arduino classes are available?

Junior Engineers has developed a range of Arduino classes which are scheduled throughout the year during our in-person intakes during school terms or school holidays.

The range of projects varies, but always includes programming, circuitry and control of an external device through coded instructions. Courses include Arduino GamePal; Arduino Autonomous Vehicle; Arduino Robotic Arm; Arduino Smart Watch or Arduino Safe. 

While Arduino is a simplified coding language, this course is best suited to children in grades 7-10, or those with previous coding experience. It’s a more advanced program and is not suitable for beginners to the world of coding and robotics. 


  • Available In-Person

Our growing Arduino curriculum 

Like learning a language or a musical instrument, regular practice of coding skills really helps to embed concepts. Junior Engineers offers a series of Arduino coding courses with new and exciting activities to keep kids engaged and practicing their coding skills year-round.

Check our courses out below.

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Text Coding

Fundamentals of Arduino

10 - 13 years
Grades 5 - 7

Learn to code in our Fundamentals of Arduino coding program: the perfect way to advance your child’s coding and robotics skills in a fun and creative way

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Text Coding

Arduino - GamePal

10 - 13 years
Grades 5 - 7

Advance your child's coding and robotics skills using Arduino course, where they'll learn to code their very own Gamepal using this platform.

Don't take our word for it

What our customers say:

    My son has been participating in Junior Engineers’ programs for 5 terms and I wanted to thank you for your fantastic program. It’s one of my son’s favourite activities and he always looks forward to the next lesson. In a fun way, he has gained a solid understanding of coding and he is constantly being inspired by the program. A big thank you and see you next term.

    Abby J.

    I have been most impressed. As the robotics coordinator at St Peters Lutheran College I felt that we needed some more coding options for our students. Junior Engineers seemed to have the curriculum and small-group focus that I wanted for our students. From their first interactions with me I was assured that the Junior Engineer staff had the confidence and ability to tailor their programs to our needs.

    Simon Canfield
    School Teacher

    A very big THANK YOU to Junior Engineers for the last online coding training.Julio learnt so much with Daniel and was really excited to show us something new he learnt after each session. Daniel, the instructor, was extremely patient with the kids and handled them really well. Very well mannered and kind. Julio would love to attend the next online training.

    Biliana M.

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