Learn Coding with Micro:Bit

Junior Engineers’ Micro:Bit program is the perfect introduction to programming, delivered via a super-engaging program which teaches students to code using a simple, hand-held computer.  

Students build basic coding skills through a fun array of games and interactive activities on their very own hand-held device.

A hand-held microbit mini gaming computer

What is Micro:bit?

Micro:bit is a tiny pocket-sized computer, which introduces students to interact with software and hardware at the same time. It has an LED light display, basic circuits, buttons, built-in sensors and many input/output features that students use to program. 

Micro:Bits are simple to use and allow students to jump right into hands-on coding. Kids will integrate the code written on their computers with the Micro:bit hardware to create diverse and fun projects. It’s really simple to get started and a super fun, tangible way to start a child’s coding journey, and teach students to experiment and try new projects with confidence. 

What will your child learn in Micro:bit?

Students will learn how to code their Micro:bit processor to complete a series of challenges, games and interactive projects like sensors, compasses, thermometers and more. 

Micro:bit is a great first coding class. It’s interactive and hands-on, meaning kids start learning new skills right from the start of the class. It also teaches core knowledge and skills covering simple circuitry, block coding, gamification, and transfers between software and hardware. 

Students learn a range of core skills in Junior Engineers’ Micro:Bit program. It’s a great opportunity to link the creation of the code and the act of programming the hardware to respond to the instructions they are creating. Concepts include simple circuitry, inputs and outputs, as well as the fundamental block coding concepts of Sequences, Loops, IF statements, Variables and Loops.

Micro:bit coding console used in MakeCode Arcade
Girl in orange Junior Engineers shirt pointing

What Micro:bit classes are available?

Junior Engineers delivers our engaging Micro:bit classes with a huge range of digital projects that are so fun, your child won’t realise they are learning essential 21st century skills.

We have year-round group classes scheduled in our school holiday and school term programs; Micro:Bit is also offered in our popular 3-in-1 Ultimate Coding Adventure program, as well as through our innovative CODEFLIX self-paced subscription program

  • Available Online
  •  Available In-Person

Our growing Micro:bit Curriculum

Check our courses out below.

Micro:bit on a pink background circle
Block Coding


7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Learn to code in our Micro:bit course: the perfect entry into the fun and interactive and creative world of coding, robotics and mechatronics. 

Codeflix badge two kids high fiving in front of colourful background
7 - 17 years
Grades 2 - 12

Codeflix is a self-paced online coding education platform for kids aged 7-17. Code along with engaging video tutorials, develop real games, software apps, and animations.

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