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At Junior Engineers, we're helping today's young techies and gamers turn into the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers and cyber-security leaders of tomorrow.

Our outstanding range of digital technologies courses, covering engaging content in robotics, coding, STEM and creative thinking available year-round, delivered in-person, online, by private tutoring and self-paced courses for children aged 5-15. Browse our courses below, or use the filters provided to find the perfect course for your child. 

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lego mindstorms robot character in front of space background in a circle
Block Coding

Lego Mindstorms

8 - 12 years
Grades 3 - 6

Code, build and program a robot using Lego Mindstorms technology!

minecraft characters underwater
7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Kids learn the fundamentals of drag and drop coding in our Minecraft Education course,. Jam packed with underwater adventures, they'll build spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and creativity!

Minecraft character flying through the air on bright background orange blue purple pink in a circle
7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Learn coding in our Minecraft Space Mode classes: jam packed with fun coding activities and all the tools your kids need to become a true digital space cadet.  

Minecraft characters fighting survival mode style
7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Enhance your chances of survival, and learn core coding concepts building amazing survival projects with our Minecraft Survival Mode course.

Scratch logo on top of scratch coding and drag and drop coding
Block Coding


7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Your kids will love our hands-on Scratch classes using drag-and-drop coding. Scratch is a friendly, fun platform that engages kids quickly and builds their core understanding of key coding concepts.

minitendo device in front of space background
7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Did you love arcades as a kid? Does your child love gaming? Let's teach them to code and design a handheld gaming device of their own to play with friends. 

Micro:bit on a pink background circle
Block Coding


7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Learn to code in our Micro:bit course: the perfect entry into the fun and interactive and creative world of coding, robotics and mechatronics. 

roblox characters in front of space background in a circle

Roblox Obby

10 - 13 years
Grades 4 - 6

Our Roblox Obby program is the perfect way to advance your child’s future-fit STEM, coding and robotics skills in a fun and creative way, far beyond what they’re taught in school.

Python logo in a circle
Text Coding


9 - 13 years
Grades 4 - 7

Learn Python, a text-based coding platform, in our fun and educational programs!. Python is one of the world's most popular coding languages that builds career-defining skills. 

Superhero characters from minecraft
7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Learn coding at Minecraft Superhero Mode classes: jam packed with fun coding adventures and all the tools your kids need to become a true Superhero of Minecraft Education. 

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Codeflix badge two kids high fiving in front of colourful background
7 - 17 years
Grades 2 - 12

Codeflix is a self-paced online coding education platform for kids aged 7-17. Code along with engaging video tutorials, develop real games, software apps, and animations.

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