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At Junior Engineers, we're helping today's young techies and gamers turn into the scientists, engineers, entrepreneurs, developers and cyber-security leaders of tomorrow.

Our outstanding range of digital technologies courses, covering engaging content in robotics, coding, STEM and creative thinking available year-round, delivered in-person, online, by private tutoring and self-paced courses for children aged 5-15. Browse our courses below, or use the filters provided to find the perfect course for your child. 

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girl wearing white hat and glasses holding laptop with CodeMonkey game on the screen. Minecraft characters, in front of space background
Block Coding

Junior Minecraft

6 - 8 years
Grades 1 - 2

For our youngest learners! A beginner drag & drop Minecraft Education course to start your child's coding journey and build future-fit skills from a young age. 

toy characters in front of space background in a circle
5 - 10 years
Up to grade 4

Unleash your child's imagination and inner storyteller, producing your very own animated Stop Motion video. 

boy in space outfit, codemonkey monkey character, little flying cute kitty
5 - 8 years
Up to grade 2

For our youngest learners! This course is the perfect beginning for your child's adventure through the world of coding, science, technology and engineering. 

aerobotics global robot with wheels n front of space background
7 - 12 years
Grade 2 +

Our youngest Robotics course yet! Build, code, problem-solve, and create with our drag & drop based Coding & Robotics Course! 

aerobotics global robot with wheels n front of space background
10 - 15 years
Grade 5 +

Advance your child's coding & robotics skills in Sumo Bot aka Robot Wars for kids 10-15 years old. 

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