Minecraft Education Aqua Mode

Attention all Aqua adventurers! Learn to code with Minecraft Aqua Mode, designed to teach students the fundamentals of drag and drop coding with Minecraft Education, while developing their own amazing underwater world.

Minecraft is a fantastic program for kids to build spatial awareness, problem-solving skills, and creativity. It can also help to develop planning and organizational skills, as well as encourage collaboration and communication.

In Minecraft Aqua Mode, explore our fun, hands-on and engaging program, jam packed with underwater coding activities, inspired by the incredible underwater adventures seen on the big screen in Avatar. Expect to see coral reefs, submarines, mobs and erupting underwater volcanoes!

Your kids will love learning to code in our course created in Minecraft Education, designed to teach students the fundamentals of drag and drop coding.

Catering to new and returning students, our programs are a brilliant way for your child to start developing future-fit STEM skills that are simply out-of-this world.

HOLIDAY PROGRAMS: All classes open to public enrolments
SCHOOL TERMS: Enrolments at your school only. 

Did you know you can also learn Minecraft in private lessons or at your own pace with Codeflix, our pre-recorded video tutorial platform? Learn your own way. 

Please note: We offer one themed course per season and this course is not currently running or on sale. Keep checking back for course releases. 

7 - 12 years
Grades 2 - 6

Minecraft Education Aqua Mode is available at

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If you would like us to come to your school to deliver our programs in-person, we would absolutely love that.

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This course includes

Our Minecraft Aqua Mode Course Includes:

- Lots of fun, Minecraft Aqua Mode themed activities! Expect to see coral reefs, submarines, mobs and erupting underwater volcanoes! 
- Learning drag and drop code in our hands-on and engaging Minecraft Aqua Mode program, designed in Minecraft Education.
- A certificate on completion of the program

Our expert tutors adapt their classes to cater to the experience level of all students - so whether your child is a coding whiz, or has never ventured into the world of coding at all, this course is for them.

Happy coding! We’ll see you in class. 

Computer Requirements

Students are required to bring their own device and power cord. Accepted devices include laptops (Windows, Mac) and iPads/Tablets. If students are using an iPad, we highly recommend you also bring a detachable keyboard (Bluetooth tethered).
If your child is not proficient with using a laptop trackpad, please bring your own MOUSE.  If you would like to save work to take home, please also bring along a USB.
Minecraft Education provides minimum recommended system requirements for Windows, Mac, Ipad and Android devices. It is highly recommended that students’ device specifications are well above these requirements, as older slower devices can struggle with processing speed.  
For current requirements please click here.

Installation Details

Minecraft Education user logins are included with the cost of this course. Please download and install Minecraft Education to your child’s device before attending the class.
Please download Minecraft Education here.

3 Minecraft Aqua activities that are in the course

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