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Gaming or learning? Minecraft Education Coding Classes explained

6th December, 2023

In a world dominated by technology, introducing kids to coding is an essential part of their education. But it’s critical to keep kid engaged and interested in what they are learning as part of this education – dry lines of code learned in isolation is rarely retained. When parents are looking for school holiday programs or after school extracurricular extension programs that don’t feel like learning, Minecraft Education is a great option to consider as part of your vacation care or OSCH plans. 

While playing Minecraft is a favourite activity for many, a whole new dimension of learning and education is unlocked when we delve into Minecraft Education. One question we do get asked fairly consistently is “what will my child actually learn” during their Minecraft Education Holiday or After School Program. There are significant differences between endless hours burned playing Minecraft and learning to code, problem solve and create worlds using Minecraft Education. 

Minecraft is a popular gaming platform, captivating millions of players worldwide with is endless creativity and exploration. Players can build, explore, and survive in a blocky, pixelated world that serves as a canvas for their imagination. While Minecraft is undoubtedly an excellent tool for fostering creativity and problem solving skills, Minecraft Education takes the experience to a whole new level. 

Beyond play, into learning with Minecraft Holiday programs

A structured learning environment:

Junior Engineers’ proprietary Minecraft Curriculum offers themed explorations of Minecraft Education in a structured, safe learning environment. Through after school classes and holiday programs, kids go beyond the basics of gameplay and delve into the fundamentals of computer programming. This structured approach seamlessly blends learning with intentional, sequential curriculum, which is tailored to digital technologies learning objectives.

Challenges and Projects:

Unlike free-form gaming in Minecraft, Junior Engineers Minecraft Education introduces coding challenges and projects which are linked together by curriculum experts, with activities grouped into themed challenges. Students work through specific tasks that required them to learn a coding concept, apply it in the game and then see it come to life in their Minecraft world. There really is no better way to learn than transforming an abstract concept like “if statements” “loops” or “variables” into a fun platform that your child really loves.

Integration with Curriculum:

Minecraft Education seamlessly integraes with digital technologies curriculum. Coding classes which use Minecraft Education can also be applied in a cross-disciplinary approach, which enhances coding outcomes, but also demonstrates how coding can be practically applied in various fields. 

Facilitated by educators:

When learning Minecraft Education in a coding class as part of a Junior Engineers School Holiday program, your child’s progress is facilitated by trained educators who guide students through their learning journey. Our educators are leaders in their field, passionate about teaching and learning, and equipped to provide assistance, answer questions, and bring the curriculum to life in a fun and engaging way. This creates a collaborative learning experience, that goes beyond play. 

The perfect blend of fun and learning!

Today’s kids have more options for immersive learning than ever before, especially when it comes to school holiday or vacation care programs. A Junior Engineers Minecraft Coding Class offers the perfect blend of structured learning, real-world skill development, and fun, hands-on educational experience that kids truly love. These classes provide an opportunity to spend school holidays engaged in an activity that they really love, AND be learning, and extending their knowledge at the same time.

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