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Why Children Must Learn To Code

20th October, 2023

Every country in the world is moving towards a digital economy. Digitalisation at work has shown to increase productivity, improve decision-making and encourage innovation. The business case for digital working is clear, but what about the case for children learning to code?

Numerous research papers have looked into the effect of learning to code in primary school. Time and time again the findings have shown that learning to code is beneficial, regardless of the career path the child ends up pursuing.

We’ve previously explained what coding is – at its most basic definition it is a set of instructions that tell a computer how to achieve a desired goal. Where coding is unique is that it is one of a few skills that encompasses both technical and soft skills.

What are the benefits of learning to code?

Learning to code will teach children how to navigate various coding languages. These technical skills – knowing how to effectively use languages like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, C++ and more – will give kids a headstart in their future careers. If that feels too far-off into the future, they’re also extremely useful for any child who wants to pursue a passion project, like building robots to do the chores!

Beyond the technical skills, coding teaches children how to think logically, solve problems with experimentation, and be creative. Learning to code is not like the rote learning of years gone past. Textbooks are eschewed in favour of learning through solving challenges, which teaches children to evaluate problems from different angles, as well as valuable technical skills!

How to learn and where?

We recommend using your child’s interests as a guide for how to get started. Are they interested in robotics? Websites? Games? Different coding languages and coding programs will be able to teach specifically to these interests.

At Junior Engineers, our qualified Coding Coaches guide students through fun coding challenges that keep them engaged and inspired. Learn more about our upcoming programs here.

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