Codeflix is Junior Engineers' self-paced online coding education platform for kids aged 7-17. Code along with engaging video tutorials filmed with Junior Engineers instructors, develop real games, software apps, and animations.

Learn through immersive and fun tutorials - for any level of experience. Whether your kid is a coding rookie or budding tech superstar, find the perfect course and create awesome projects!

Best of all, it won't cost anything to start. Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial and get started today. 


7 - 17 years
Grades 2 - 12

This course includes

All content in Codeflix Platform is curated by experienced STEM educators:

- Code along with the video tutorials using picture-in-picture functionality for Scratch and JavaScript tutorials.
- Watch engaging video tutorials with Australian-based tutors covering Minecraft, ROBLOX, JavaScript, Python, Scratch and more.
- Download engaging student resources with coding solutions.
- Experience course progression and clear learning pathways.
- Recognise achievements with downloadable certificates of completion.

Set your child up with essential skills for the future. The next generation of entrepreneurs, digital artists, and tech superstars are learning to code now. Start them with CODEFLIX today!


Computer Requirements

Codeflix is completely cloud-based, and delivered via your computer's browser. Codeflix is optimised for Chrome, although it will work on all common browsers.  A good internet connection, and laptop is recommended for optimum results.

Installation Details

There are no software licenses required for Scratch or JavaScript as these courses are able to be coded inside the Codeflix platform. Roblox and Python platforms are free to download and install. Any Python IDE can be used, however in our videos we use Thonny IDE.

Minecraft Education requires users to download the Minecraft Education version of Minecraft. You must have an educational email address to download this softwared (any email from an educational institution should be usable. A license to use Minecraft Education is also required - most educational instutions purchase these licenses, however if you are having issues, please contact us. 

girl sitting at laptop in front of coloured background wearing a white hat and orange shirt

Codeflix Pricing

FREE 7-day trial - start coding instantly!

Choose from our 2 value-packed subscription options. Each pack provides unlimited access to the complete CODEFLIX video library for the selected subscription period. Receive graded courses, progress tracking, certificates, downloadable resources and much more!

Start for FREE: 7-day trial, no contracts, cancel any time 

6-month subscription




Billed every six months at AU$89.94

12-Month Subscription




SAVE 33%

Billed every 12 months at AU$120

Please note: 
Payment will be billed at end of FREE 7-day trial period, and on the anniversary of your subscription. Includes all coding tutorials access for 1 child.

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