NEW: Sumo Bots

**NEW COURSE** Just in: Sumo Bots aka Robot Wars for kids 10-15 years old.

Are you ready to immerse yourself in the thrilling world of robotics and engineering? Both new and returning students have the opportunity to explore the exciting realm of robotics, where creativity meets technical prowess. In this course, students will: 

  • Gain hands-on experience in building and programming their own sumo robots to battle against friends. 
  • Learn the functionality of infrared and ultrasonic sensors, experimenting with sensor configuration
  • Master the mechanics of motors and the brain of the robot
  • Engage in a series of exciting challenges and competitions, where they will put their robots to the test in simulated sumo matches. 
  • Hone their coding skills in C++
  • Strategize and adapt their robots for maximum performance in the arena.

Get ready to build, code, and compete with our Sumo Robot Course!  

10 - 15 years
Grades 4 - 10

This course includes

Suitable for beginners and returning students with prior knowledge, this course:

  • Offers a comprehensive introduction to the key components of robotics. 
  • Is designed to spark curiosity and encourage exploration. 

As students progress, they will have the opportunity to delve deeper into advanced concepts, such as:

  • Machine learning and computer vision
  • Tools to further enhance their robots' capabilities.

Let's unlock the potential of technology, ignite creativity, and inspire the next generation of robot enthusiasts. 


Computer Requirements

Laptops (Windows or Mac) required. No Chromebooks or iPads.

Installation Details

Prior to class please download the software platform as follows: Arduino IDE - Legacy IDE (1.8.X) version – download here:

aerobotics global robot with wheels n front of space background

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