Fundamentals of Arduino

Attention all budding coders & young gamers, we've got all the tools you need to become a tech extraordinaire.

Our Fundamentals of Arduino program is the perfect way to advance your child’s future-fit STEM, coding and robotics skills in a fun and creative way, far beyond what they’re taught in school.

Arduino is one of the most popular coding programs and in this course your child will learn all the fundamentals and foundations of the platform.

Arduino is used worldwide to build and program all kinds of electronics projects, as (i) it’s user-friendly and (ii) simplifies hardware programming, enabling rapid prototyping and experimentation.

This course caters to new and returning students. Our coursework tailored to the experience level of the class. For returning students, assigned activities build on prior learnings and ensure they stretch the student's skills with more complex coding tasks.

***SCHOOL TERMS: Enrolments at the school you are enrolled in only***

10 - 16 years
Grades 4 - 10

This course includes

In our Fundamentals of Arduino course, your kids will:

- Build basic electronic circuits and program them using the Arduino microcontroller and components such as potentiometers, screens and buzzers. 
- Enjoy hands-on experience with Arduino technology, learning problem-solving and cognitive skills
- Develop and apply key coding concepts including: loops, variables, IF statements, lists, operators while using a version of C++ to program the robot.
- Enjoy lots of fun activities!
- Receive a certificate on completion of the program

Our expert tutors not only make learning fun, but they also adapt their classes to cater to the experience level of all students - so whether your child is a coding whiz, or has never ventured into the world of coding at all, this course will be suitable for them.

Happy coding! We’ll see you in class. 

Computer Requirements

Students are required to bring their own laptop device and power cord – either Windows or Mac devices are accepted. Your device must have a standard USB port.

If your child is not proficient with using a laptop trackpad, please bring your own MOUSE.  If you would like to save work to take home, please also bring along a USB stick.

Please note that iPads, Tablets and Chromebooks are not supported for this course. 

Installation Details

Prior to class please download the software platform as follows: 

Arduino IDE - Legacy IDE (1.8.X) version – download here:

Arduino logo and product circuit board

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