Python Online (Intermediate)

Advance in Python, a text-based coding platform, in our fun and educational programs!. Python is one of the world's most popular coding languages that builds career-defining skills.

Our Python programs are a brilliant way for your child to start developing future-fit STEM skills that are beyond what they’re taught in school. Fostering  problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking and preparing children for future careers. Our classes promote collaboration and offer real-world applications while improving academic performance and providing safe online activities.

Catering to new and returning students, our coursework tailored to the experience level of the class. For returning students, assigned activities build on prior learnings and stretch skills with more complex coding tasks.

Learning to code requires consistency - and our regular After School Clubs are the best way to build these necessary 21st century skills.

Did you know you can also learn Python in private lessons or at your own pace with Codeflix, our pre-recorded video tutorial platform? Learn your own way. 

9 - 13 years
Grades 4 - 6

Python Online (Intermediate) is available at

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In order to enrol in a School Term Program, you must be a student of that school

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This course includes

In our Python Course, your kids will:

  • Develop their own video games which they can share and play with friends and family
  • Advance in Python's syntax, and develop a solid understanding of programming logic
  • Build key coding concepts like functions, loops, if statements, variables, lists, booleans, and recursive algorithms.
  • By the end of the course, students will be able to write simple programs in python independently.
  • Receive a certificate on completion, collect them all!

Our expert tutors not only make learning fun, but they also adapt their classes to cater to the experience level of all students - so whether your child is a coding whiz, or has never ventured into the world of coding at all, this course is for them.

Happy coding! We’ll see you in class. 

Computer Requirements

Students are required to bring their own device and power cord. Accepted devices include laptops (Windows, Mac, Chromebook) and iPads/Tablets. If students are using an iPad, we highly recommend you also bring a detachable keyboard (Bluetooth tethered).
If your child is not proficient with using a laptop trackpad, please bring your own MOUSE.  If you would like to save work to take home, please also bring along a USB.

Installation Details

Students create their Python projects using ThonnyIDE, and use Trinket to run and write code in any browser or device. Prior to attending your class, please: Download Thonny IDE here: for laptop usage.

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