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Our Superhero Mode School Holiday Programs: Code, Create, and Explore!

1st December, 2023

We're eagerly counting down to the School Holidays, because we can't wait for another opportunity to teach your kids - aka the future of STEM!  At Junior Engineers we know every kid is built differently, and that's why we offer so many options from Coding, to Robotics, to Creative courses and more. We pride ourselves on offering state of the art education across all of our courses from ages as young as 5 and all the way up to 13. Our online Private Tutoring courses are also designed for students up to 17. 

Coding Courses 
  • Minecraft Education Superhero Mode - ages 7-12 All the tools your kids need to become a true Superhero of Minecraft Education. Available also as 1 Day Pre-Christmas course. This course is also available online with live tutors. 
  • Roblox - ages 10-13 learn coding, game design & mechanics skills in a creatively exciting way!
Courses in Robotics 
  • Lego Mindstorms - ages 8-12 Build and program your very own robot using state of the art Lego Mindstorms technology.
  • Fundamentals of Arduino - ages 10-13 Advance your child’s coding and robotics skills in a fun and creative way learning Arduino!
  • Ultimate Beginner Coding Package - ages 7-12 Learn 3 Coding and Robotics platforms in 1 amazing school holiday program- Minecraft Education, MiniTendo and Micro:bits!
Our Creative Courses
Or Learn online! 

Keep the kids entertained and learning over the holidays, without the stress of pickups & drop offs.

  • Minecraft Education Superhero Mode is available online as well. 
  • Python Beginner and Python Intermediate are both available online as well for ages 9-12 Begin their coding journey with one of the world's most popular coding languages.
  • Private 1:1 Tutoring - all year round we offer Ages 7+ An accelerated education program, tailor-made to equip your child with vital skills for their future.
  • Codeflix - a self-paced online coding education platform for kids aged 7-17. Code along with engaging video tutorials, develop real games, software apps, and animations.

Vacation care with a difference

The school holidays can be long! So we’re here all the way through to help relieve that holiday boredom and keep young minds learning all through the holidays. Our expert tutors not only make learning fun, but they also adapt their classes to cater to the experience level of all students - so whether your child is already a coding superstar, or has never ventured into the world of coding at all, our vacation care courses are for them.

Parents and Guardians in NSW can also save another $50 on our OSH options! Use your Creative Kids vouchers on our exciting range of face-to-face courses during School Holidays, School Terms, Online Private Tutoring and Online Small Group programs and save $50.

How to get the most out of OSH

Did you know that this December we’re introducing a special range of 1 day only Pre-Christmas Courses in CodeMonkey and Minecraft Education Superhero Mode? These classes are designed specifically for you as vacation care with a difference and are the perfect way to drop off the kids and get through your pre-Christmas “to-do” list.

Our CodeMonkey course for ages 5-8 teaches kids coding using an award-winning coding platform designed especially for our youngest learners. Our brand new Minecraft Education Superhero Mode course for ages 7-12 offers a taster of the tools your kids need to become a true coding superhero of Minecraft Education.

So how do I get the most out of our OSH options you ask? Well, while these courses are perfectly convenient, they’re also designed to enhance and progress your child's knowledge all through the holidays. Our CodeMonkey students can then progress their knowledge and return in the New Year to enjoy our full 2-day program for 5-8 year olds - STEM Explorers Superhero Mode. Plus - students will also get 3 months of free access to the online CodeMonkey platform for joining these courses. Similarly, our “Minecraft taster” students can either move into the full 2-day Minecraft course, or any of our other fabulous Coding & Robotics courses.

Choosing the right course has never been easier, thanks to our New Website

We know how time-poor we can all be, especially around this time of year! So we’ve created an easy way to find the right School Holiday Program for you with our new website functionality. 

  • Filter by Postcode to find the courses closest to you or your place of work!
  • Use our filters to show only the age range, curriculum, term, difficulty or topics that are relevant to you!
  • Browse our brand new website to easily research courses and find information on what course best suits your child!

Still have questions? We’re always keen for a chat - give us a buzz on 1300 089 344 or email us at [email protected] 
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